Our Coffee Selection Understood as Holiday Cinema

Our Coffee Selection Understood as Holiday Cinema

By Logan Mulholland

Human senses are fascinating. Often a particular scent or flavor can transport you back to a cherished memory. Sometimes people subconsciously associate certain colors with flavors or smells. Or sometimes a person will think of what holiday movie a coffee reminds them of. You may ask yourself, “but why?” and to that I say, “I’m not entirely sure”.

Espresso Clutch as A Christmas Story

Espresso Clutch is our flagship blend. It has been with us since the beginning and it’s balance and approachability are a distinct representation of our philosophy as a business. It is also a lot like A Christmas Story. It is popular, it is always on espresso bar like A Christmas Story is always on TV, and it is sentimental without taking itself too seriously. That makes sense, right?


Ethiopia Chelchele Natural as Christmas Vacation

Ethiopia Chelchele has been incredibly popular the past few months, and it is not hard to understand why. It is a lot like National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. It has bright, juicy acidity that, similar to much of the crude humor in this film, can be a little jarring to those looking for a more conventional experience. But then the sweetness of this coffee balances out the acidity for an immensely enjoyable cup.  This is exactly like how Frank Shirley reinstates Clark’s holiday bonus to sweeten the ending of this film. Exactly the same.

Dark Blend as Die Hard

Our Dark blend is a bit of a black sheep in our coffee selection. We defied our lighter-roasted conventions and developed a coffee that, while unlike the rest, still has a well earned place on our offering sheet. In that way, it is similar to Die Hard. Naysayers will claim “That isn’t a Christmas movie!” in the same way some will say “Darkly roasted coffees are not as good!”. To that I will say, “John McClain likely drank dark roasted coffee and he saved the Nakatomi Plaza from terrorists and, ultimately, saved Christmas”. 

Joyeux Holiday Blend as Elf

Lastly, Joyeux, our famed holiday release that I still don’t know how to pronounce. It is sweet and light, but purposeful and nuanced. It is the perfect coffee to add a little “maple syrup” to while working in the mailroom. Yes, Joyeux is the Elf of our lineup. It is light hearted and cheery with a strong backbone similar to James Caan’s parenting style…(his character’s anyway). It might not hit as good as candy on a plate of spaghetti, but it’s definitely close. 

What movies do you think of when drinking our coffee? Do you think about our coffee when watching movies? Has this all been an elaborate exercise in subliminal associative marketing? I guess that’s for you to decide. Thank you for reading.

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