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When do you roast?
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. Any order placed before 8am EST on a roast day will be roasted and shipped that day. Any order placed after 8am EST will be roasted and shipped on following roast day.

Do you have any brewing recommendations?
Of course we do! See our basic recommendations here.


My tracking number says it has not yet gone out.
Depending on the time of day you receive an email saying your order has shipped, it may not have actually been roasted yet. Typically we create all of our shipping labels before we roast them for the day, which will result in you receiving an email about your order before it has left our facility to it's shipping destination. If your tracking number is not showing any movement days after you've received this notification and it has gone through USPS, we ask that you remain patient. The USPS's tracking system is not the most reliable, but shipping through USPS's system is what helps us pass the savings on to you. If you have not received your package in a full weeks time, and are still experiencing issues with your tracking info, please contact us directly.

Is your coffee Organic / Fair Trade / Any other certification?
We strive to buy the highest quality coffee we can by working with importing and exporting partners all over the globe. We do not buy coffee based solely on certifications but rather solely on quality. The coffees we buy are grown using organic practices, socially responsibility, but they lack a sticker from a governing agency. The relationships we have with our partners allows us to trust that our coffee partners are treated amazing and paid a higher price than they would in any other circumstance.

I have a problem or question about my subscription.
Please fill out the contact form and we can answer any question or concern you have. 

Does all of your coffee come in the full color bags?
Only our 300g products will come to you in the pictured bags. Kilo products arrive in a brown kraft packaging.