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Sulawesi Pango Pango 10.5oz Bag Added!

Espresso | Clutch


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Espresso Clutch, the name says it all. Any seasoned barista knows the importance of consistent espresso and just how quickly any irregularities in roast profile or blend components can send their perfectly dialed espresso completely out of whack. Clutch has been with us since the beginning and baristas at dozens of different cafes have relied on it as the foundation for their espresso programs.

We source coffees from Colombia and Guatemala to satisfy the components for this blend. While the specific coffees can vary slightly as different lots and harvest come and go, we make sure that they always have the appropriate and comparable characteristics to maintain the consistency of the profile.

Clutch has a bright cherry note that quickly subsides to a sweet and syrupy body with a lingering dark chocolate finish. We love it on it’s own but it has a strong backbone to not get lost in milkier drinks. While we’ve designed this blend for Espresso, many of our customers enjoy it as regularly brewed filter coffee as well.

We pull Espresso Clutch with a traditional 1:2 ratio

18 grams in / 36 grams out in about 28 seconds.

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