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Sulawesi Pango Pango 10.5oz Bag Added!

What goes into a cup of coffee?

What goes into a cup of coffee?

Two ingredients. Coffee and water. That’s it.

While both are worthy of attention, the water is especially important to us.

Partly because the bean always gets all the love, and we always like the underdog.

But also because just outside our roastery, the Saginaw River flows into the Saginaw Bay before emptying into Lake Huron, one of the largest bodies of freshwater in the world. Having all that water so close to home comes with a sense of responsibility and stewardship; a constant reminder to look after the most valuable natural resource we have, starting with our state’s tributaries, streams, and those exceedingly well-named Great Lakes.

This mindset also extends far beyond our waters, connecting us to the farmers, villages, and countries where our coffee is grown. We are honored to provide this very coffee to people – a wonderful, considerate community of people – whether it’s in our cafes, online, or through our wholesale partners.

So, yes, a cup of coffee may only have two ingredients. But it adds up to infinitely more.


For us, great coffee begins with responsible farming and ethical sourcing. We bring the same level of care to every detail within our control. Every Populace bag is compostable and a portion of the proceeds from our special edition coffees donated to important causes in our community.


Community is at the heart of everything we do. Our physical spaces are an extension of this; every Populace cafe is a place to meet, discuss, and take action on behalf of our community.


We believe in the lasting value of quality goods. Our Branded New program brings new life to previously loved items by creating Populace apparel from recycled clothing – preserving water, energy, and resources that would otherwise be used to manufacture new clothing.

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Making great coffee – from roast to cup – means constantly adjusting, tweaking, and experimenting with every variable. We approach our business practices in the same way, ensuring each decision is well-considered and makes a positive impact.

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