Our 5 Favorite Non-Coffee Beverage Brands

Our 5 Favorite Non-Coffee Beverage Brands

As much as we may want to, it’s just not feasible to exclusively drink coffee as your only beverage throughout the day. But luckily, there are countless beverage brands that make products that not only satisfy your need for a cold, tasty drink, but also help enrich your body, your mind, and even benefit the world at large. So without further ado, here are 5 of our favorite non-coffee beverage brands that you need to try. You can even find many of them at our flagship cafe in Bay City, MI!

Olipop is a brand of sparkling beverages that offers a healthier alternative to traditional sodas. They’re made with natural ingredients and have a low sugar content. The brand also includes prebiotic fibers in its formulation, which can help promote healthy digestion and support the growth of beneficial bacteria in the gut. Olipop drinks are also free from artificial sweeteners, colors, and preservatives. Olipop comes in a bunch of awesome flavors that not only taste great, but also have specific functional benefits, such as promoting healthy digestion, supporting immune function, and reducing inflammation.


Pressed brand juice is a company who we have been partnered with for years now, selling hundreds of bottles of their juice in our retail locations. Pressed offers a line of cold-pressed juices that are a convenient and healthy way to consume fruits and vegetables. The juices are made using a hydraulic press, which extracts the maximum amount of nutrients from the produce while minimizing heat and oxidation. This process helps to preserve the natural enzymes and vitamins found in the fruits and vegetables. Beyond the juice itself, Pressed also believes in sharing knowledge, transparency, and encouraging their customers to explore a sustainable path towards health and growth. 

pressed juice

Another company we love is Boxed Water. And we don’t just love them because they’re another Michigan based company. Boxed Water was one of the first companies to truly reinvent how water is sold commercially and rectify many of the issues posed by traditional bottled water. The packaging for Boxed Water is 92% plant based and 100% recyclable. The water is completely purified and unadulterated without anything added. Although they do sell some flavored waters which are really tasty as well. Boxer Water has planted over 1 million trees,  donated 1% of sales to environmental causes, and is a completely carbon neutral company. 

A newer beverage brand that we’re pretty excited about is Leisure Project. Leisure Project makes non-carbonated canned elixirs aimed at promoting calm and focus. Each can has 900 milligrams of electrolytes, 100% your daily amount of vitamin B12, and 200 milligrams of Magnesium, which has proven to reduce stress. Leisure Project beverages don’t have caffeine, so no need to worry about any jitters, but it does contain L-Theanine, which is actually the chemical found in tea that makes you feel alert and focused but calm and peaceful. Some tea aficionados refer to this feeling as being “tea drunk”. They taste great, they’re good for you, and the design and branding is totally on point. 

leisure project

And the last beverage brand I’d like to shout out is Athletic Brewing Co. Athletic Brewing Co is a company that specializes entirely in non alcoholic beers. Formerly, non-alcoholic beer was limited to bland domestics with little to no flavor, but Athletic Brewing co makes a bunch of different beers that are making zero sacrifices in the flavor department. They have IPAs, Ales, and even a Stout. Athletic Brewing Co is completely changing the game for those who still enjoy the exciting flavors of beer but don’t want to compromise their health or sobriety. Whether you drink alcohol or not, there is something special about enjoying a nice cold beer while watching a sporting event or having a cookout. And now thanks to Athletic Brewing Co those types of experiences are accessible to people of every lifestyle. 

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