Carbon Offset Report | March 2021

Carbon Offset Report | March 2021

Our mission drives us to leave as little of a trace as on the environment as possible. The one thing that is completely out of our control, and somewhat of a necessary evil, is the carbon it takes to get your order to you, via fossil fuel burning delivery trucks. Carbon offsetting is the closest thing available to us at this time attempt a net zero emission goal for the last mile of Populace Coffee's journey to your mailbox.

We have integrated an app called Cloverly onto the backend of our site that purchases carbon offsets for every order made.

These Carbon offsets are automatically purchased by Populace Coffee after every new order is created. In February we purchased offsets that are equal to offsetting 659 total pounds of carbon. 

We're planning making a progress report that will show our carbon offsetting numbers, and where those offsets are being used in the world every month. 

Carbon offset allocation is automatically chosen by Cloverly. This month’s carbon offsets were distributed as follows: 

South Kent Landfill Gas to Energy Project | Byron Center, Michigan
207.23 lbs. carbon

Prairie Pothole Avoided Grasslands and Shrublands Conversion | Missouri Coteau, North Dakota
26.45 lbs. carbon

McCloud River Conservation Based Forest Management Project | Mount Shasta, California
26.45  lbs. carbon

Hudson Farm | Andover, New Jersey
24.22 lbs. carbon

HFC Emissions Reduction in Spray Foam - Ontario | Brantford, Ontario
16.6 lbs. carbon

Hawk Mountain Improved Forest Management Project | Drehersville, Pennsylvania
17.63 lbs. carbon

Doe Mountain Improved Forest Management Project | Johnson County, Tennessee
24.25 lbs. carbon

Buena Vista Heights Urban Forestry Conservation Area | Elizabeth Township, Pennsylvania
15.4 lbs. carbon

Bandirma Wind Power Plant Project | Bandirma, Balikesir
297 lbs. carbon

Alligator River Avoided Forest Conversion | Hyde County, North Carolina
2.2 lbs. carbon 

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