How to Reuse Coffee Grounds

How to Reuse Coffee Grounds

By Logan Mulholland

Sustainability is very important to us at Populace, and it should be to you too! We’ve only got one Earth, people. The days of throwing your used coffee grounds in the trash are over (P.U.).

Here are a few simple ways to be more sustainable and repurpose your used coffee grounds!

Using coffee grounds as fertilizer is an age-old technique that has been proven to not only increase the nutrient content of your soil, but deter many pests that pose a threat to your precious plant babies. Similarly, adding coffee grounds to your compost pile leads to an increase in those sweet sweet nutrients in your resulting humus. 


Okay, enough dirt talk (what, ya’ll don’t have gardens?). You can also combine used coffee grounds with coconut oil to make a homemade exfoliant for your face and hands. Rumor has it that not only do coffee grounds exfoliate the skin, but they help promote new healthy skin growth, how neat!


No one likes doing chores, but someones gotta wash those dishes that have been in your sink since Saturday! Used coffee grounds work well to help clean off stuck or burnt on messes on your dishes. Next time you burn your omelet, fusing it to your (supposedly non-stick) pan, try this trick before you decide to throw it away in shame. 

Not only do coffee grounds deter pests in your plant bed, they also deter pests in your home or even on your pets.  You can sprinkle used coffee grounds around your patio or other problem areas to create an ant barrier. You can also massage some coffee grounds into your pets fur and skin before rinsing to combat fleas. 


Next time you brew up a cup of Populace Coffee, try one of these tips before tossing the grounds in the garbage and feel good knowing you took a small step towards a more sustainable coffee drinking experience. And also recycle and take shorter showers.

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