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How To Make a Kalita (Video)

Watch as we show you how we make coffee in a Kalita dripper.

POSTED. Nov 2, 2020

The Kalita is similar to the Hario V60 but it yields a slightly different flavor profile than the V60 due to the different shape of the brewer. We use the 1 to 16 ratio for coffee to water. 25 grams of coffee to 400 milliliters of water.


  • Grind coffee to a medium fine grind size
  • Heat your water to about 205 degrees
  • Rinse your filter, this removes any paper flavor and preheats your vessel
  • Discard rinse water
  • Add ground coffee and tare your scale
  • Add 40 milliliters of water and allow coffee to bloom for 30 seconds
  • Add 120 grams of water every 30 seconds until you reach your desired water weight of 400 milliliters by 2 minutes. This allows for an even and balanced extraction.
  • Start by pouring in 40 milliliters of water • At 30 seconds pour in water to reach 160 milliliters of water
  • At 1 minute pour in 280 water to reach milliliters of water
  • At 1 minute and 30 seconds pour in water to reach 400 milliliters water
  • Your coffee should finish dripping by 2 minutes and 30 seconds
  • If it takes too long, your grind is too fine and if it brews too quickly, your grind is too coarse.