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Sulawesi Pango Pango 10.5oz Bag Added!

Thermal | Winter Blend


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If you have the privilege of living above the 40th parallel, you’re likely no stranger to the post-holiday blues. The festivities have concluded yet so much of the winter season remains. Hibernation is out of the question, so we must carry on with our lives. Simple, familiar pleasures are a useful tool to find peace and contentment while we rest and consider our intentions for the coming year. 

THERMAL is the coffee of choice for such moments. This year it is a blend of coffees from Narino, Colombia and Limu, Ethiopia. It is clean, balanced, and smooth with lots of brightness to hopefully supplement the collective Vitamin D deficiency. (These claims have not been evaluated by the FDA)

Bag Illustration by Jonathon Wolfer

From Cafe Imports

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