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Sulawesi Pango Pango 10.5oz Bag Added!

Tanzania | Lungwa

Single Origin

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This coffee comes from about 200 different smallholder farmers where it is collectively washed and processed at the Lungwa AMCOS cooperative. We are really impressed with the flavor profile because it is super silky, mellow and easy-drinking while still having a lot of pronounced acidity. We taste grapefruit, raisins, and bergamot.

  • Region: Lungwa, Songwe
  • Producer: 200 smallholder producer members of Lungwa AMCOS
  • Farm: Multiple
  • Varietal: Bourbon derivatives, N 39, KT 423
  • Altitude: 1455 MASL
  • Processing Method: Washed


This coffee comes from the Lungwa AMCOS (agricultural and marketing cooperative society), which has about 200 active smallholder members. The farmer members deliver their coffee in cherry form to the washing station that the AMCOS operates, where the seeds are depulped the same day they’re received. The coffee is rinsed and given a 36-hour fermentation in tanks and then washed clean of mucilage. After the fermentation process, the coffee is soaked underwater, then washed again before being dried on raised beds for 9–14 days. During the drying period, the coffee is covered with tarps in the middle of the day, when the sun is directly overhead.

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