Lichen NYC Support Coffee

Lichen NYC Support Coffee

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Help Lichen by purchasing a bag of coffee that will directly help fund their business. 50% of the purchase price will go directly to Lichen.

All Coffee comes whole bean. We are no longer able to accept grinding requests. 

* Bio from Lichen *

Lichen is a thoughtfully sourced homewares and coffee shop.

Ed Be & Jared Blake partnered in 2017 combining years of experience collecting, selling and trading designer furniture throughout NYC. 

Together they aim to create a community of lich-minded individuals enthused by music, creativity, and design. 

* About Lichen from Floyd *

Co-founders Ed Be and Jared Blake have created a furniture-buying experience that brings together vintage and modern, classic and unexpected. The shop demonstrates the easy interplay of furniture, fashion and culture. A coffee mug with a Nike swoosh; a beautiful oil painting of a crushed Sapporo can; a mirror frame with Sharpie notes from the shop’s visitors. Inside, the pair guide customers toward one-of-a-kind pieces that feel fresh in any space. We spoke to Jared and Ed about how vintage furniture can coexist with modern interiors, and learned about a few of their favorite finds.

The Coffee

The coffee inside of the Support Bag is our House Blend. This blend has been with us since the beginning and has been a staple in most of our partners cafe's. It is a blend of coffees from Guatemala and Colombia. We could consider this a medium roast and is a nice chocolate/caramel/cherry cup. This coffee is versatile. You can pull a shot, make an ol' fashioned pot, or slowly pour water over a bed of grounds in a beautiful chemex/v60/kalita. Enjoy!