Kenya Uteuzi Jimbo

Kenya Uteuzi Jimbo

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We are always so excited when we have a coffee from Kenya back on our menu. For many of us who have chosen coffee as a career path, we have fond memories of experiencing the dynamic and enticing flavors of Kenyan coffee for the first time.

This coffee in particular, from the Embu region, has many characteristics that our team seeks out when choosing which coffees we want to offer our customers. The pleasant familiarity of a heavy mouthfeel and caramel sweetness are balanced against tart citrus acids and juicy, tropical fruit flavors.

Enjoy it as filter coffee for your daily go-to or try it as espresso if you’re feeling adventurous.

Region: Embu
Producer: Various smallholder farmers
Farm: Multiple
Varietal:SL-28, SL-34, Batian, Ruiru 11
Processing Method: Washed


Kenyan coffees, for a lot of roasters, are showcase coffees, those that stand out above all others for brash acidity, ripe fruit, and rich sugars. We can all remember that first experience with a Kenyan coffee, how it floored us with gripping acid. For a long time, however, we’ve tended to paint all of Kenya with the same brushstroke, without digging in to see what each county could have to offer us as for diversity of flavor or profile.

With our regional program Uteuzi Jimbo, Swahili for "county select," we aim to do just this. Collaborating with our export partner Dormans, we’ve selected four areas to begin an exposé of what each region can offer if we take the time to look: Nyeri, Embu, Mr. Elgon, and Kirinyaga.