Honduras Rojer Dominguez

Honduras Rojer Dominguez

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This coffee is a repeat from Rojer Dominguez. This year we chose this coffee from Finca Las Flores. We chose this coffee for its complexity and vibrant flavors. There are burst of citrus that make their way through the deep, dark chocolate body. We think you'll love this coffee. 

Region: Montesillos, Marcala 
Farm: Las Flores
Varietal: Catuai
Altitude: 1512
Processing Method: Fully Washed & Sun Dried


Las Flores is operated by producer Rojer Antonio Dominguez Marquez, along with 10 seasonal employees and two permanent employees. The farm was purchased in 1993 by Rojer's father, Alfonso Dominquez Calix. Roger aims to produce high-quality coffee while also making efforts to protect and sustain the natural resources and wildlife that exists on the estate.

Las Flores is a 3.5-manzana plot, with all of the area dedicated to growing coffee. Finca Las Flores produces approximately 150 quintales per year. Among the coffee plants, orange trees, avocado trees, and guachipilín trees are grown to provide shade.

After picking his coffee, Don Rojer ferments it for 18 hours before washing it, and it is dried for an average of 15 days.