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Sulawesi Pango Pango 10.5oz Bag Added!

Honduras | Roger Dominguez Natural

Single Origin

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Farm owner Roger Antonio Dominguez Marquez is known not only for his eye for high-quality coffee, but also his commitment to buying coffees from his family and neighbors at significantly higher rates than intermediary buyers. 

This particular Honduran coffee is naturally processed, which is a relatively new practice for the country's coffee industry. This process not only uses less water, but also brings out the fruity, vibrant flavors of the bean. The resulting cup is full-bodied, lightly fruity, and rich with notes of dark chocolate; it's an excellent example of many of the desirable qualities of a Central American coffee!

  • Region: Marcala, La Pas
  • Farm: Las Acacias
  • Varietal: Catuai, Bourbon
  • Altitude: 1350 masl
  • Processing Method: Natural

From Cafe Imports: 

"For the past several years, Café Imports’s green-buying team has continued to explore relationships in Honduras, searching for just the right combination of microclimate, variety, processing, and attention to detail. We have developed strong relationships with quality-focused cooperatives such as Cooperativa RAOS, a 250-member organization in Marcala, La Paz, from which we have seen some of the most stable results and the highest potential for microlots. We are also exploring another potential microlot-development program in the southwest, near the Salvadoran border. 

While Honduran coffees still tend to live up to their reputation as “mild” (nutty, sweet, heavy-bodied but without the oomph of acidity that characterizes a fantastic Guatemalan or the dynamic profile of a top Costa Rican), we do think there is a bright future for breakout producers who are interested in committing to quality and in achieving that microlot status."

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