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Honduras | Katia Duke IHCAFE90

Single Origin

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Katia has spent most of her life on the San Isidro coffee farm owned by her family in Copan, Honduras. She pursued a formal education in agriculture before attaining dedicated plots at San Isidro to develop her own coffee using contemporary and sustainable techniques. Katia didn’t stop there, she is a certified roaster and barista and owns her own cafe where she roasts and brews the coffee she grows at San Isidro, allowing her the opportunity to truly control every variable from seed to cup.

The IHCAFE90 varietal, a hybridization of Timor Hybrid and Caturra, was developed by the Honduran Coffee Institute, or IHCAFE, to be resistant to coffee leaf rust which has been an epidemic for coffee producers in Honduras. This coffee was grown at 1300 meters and fully washed before being dried on raised beds. We’re tasting lots of sweetness with a touch of florality, similar to wildflower honey, with a pleasant acidity like lemon zest and green apple. 

  • Region: Copan
  • Farm:    San Isidro
  • Varietal: IHCAFE90
  • Altitude: 1300 masl
  • Processing Method: Washed

From Ally Coffee: 

"Katia has not only been able to produce outstanding coffee and develop relations with roasters, she has also been a leader of her community. The growth of her farm and the community have been mutual. The flagship projects have been building a school and supplying a nutritional program. This achievement had the deeper effect of inspiring the community, showing that, in a country known for machismo, it can be a woman leading the way forward through coffee."

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