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Honduras | Finca El Caiman | Natural Process

Honduras | Finca El Caiman | Natural Process

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Experience the exceptional flavors of Jaime Ventura's Specialty Honduran Coffee from the La Paz region. This natural-processed coffee, grown on Jaime's meticulously managed 3-hectare farm, offers fruity sweetness with hints of berries or peach. With a smooth and satisfying profile complemented by fruit acidity, praline, and cocoa notes, it's a delightful coffee experience that showcases the potential of breakout Honduran producers committed to quality.
  • Region:¬†Santa Elena, La Paz
  • Producer:¬†Jaime Ventura
  • Farm:¬†El Caiman
  • Varietal: Catuai
  • Altitude: 1750 MASL
  • Processing Method:¬†Natural


Introducing Jaime Ventura's Specialty Honduran Coffee from the La Paz region, where quality-focused producers are pushing the boundaries of coffee processing. Grown on Jaime's meticulously managed 3-hectare farm, with 2.5 hectares dedicated to coffee cultivation, this natural-processed coffee is gaining recognition in the market for its unique and delightful characteristics.

The coffee cherries, picked at optimal ripeness, undergo careful sorting to ensure only the highest quality beans are selected. Once sorted, these beans are placed on raised beds or patios, where they undergo a meticulous drying process that can extend for a month or more. La Paz's high elevation and cool temperatures contribute to a slow ripening process, resulting in the development of sugars that are skillfully preserved during the comfortable climate processing.

The result is a specialty coffee with exceptional fruity sweetness and a tantalizing flavor profile reminiscent of berries or peach. Each sip reveals a delightful combination of fruit acidity, complemented by hints of praline and cocoa. The coffee's smoothness adds to the overall satisfaction, making it a pleasure to indulge in every cup.

Cafe Import's strong relationship with a 270-producer cooperative in the area ensures the stability and reliability of these exceptional coffees. Many of these producers are women or hold organic certifications, embodying a commitment to sustainability and quality.

While Honduran coffees are often recognized for their mild and nutty nature, Jaime Ventura's Specialty Honduran Coffee showcases a bright future for breakout producers who prioritize exceptional quality and aspire to achieve microlot status. While maintaining a pleasant sweetness and heaviness, this coffee exhibits the potential for a remarkable flavor profile akin to renowned Guatemalan or Costa Rican offerings.

Experience the enchanting journey of Jaime Ventura's Specialty Honduran Coffee, where every sip brings you closer to the delightful notes of fruit, praline, and cocoa, creating an extraordinary coffee experience that will leave you craving for more.

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