Grounded Support Bag

Grounded Support Bag

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Help Grounded by purchasing a bag of coffee that will directly help fund their cafe. 50% of the purchase price will go directly to Grounded.

All Coffee comes whole bean. We are no longer able to accept grinding requests. 

* Bio from Grounded's Website *

It's the people, people.

Work.  We all do it.  Go in on Monday, grind out 40, 50, 60 grueling hours, go home Friday night exhausted and depleted and try not to spend the rest of the weekend checking work emails.  Why is it like that?

It wasn't meant to be.

At Grounded, our mission, build and encourage through service, doesn't mention coffee.  It doesn't even mention customers. Gasp!  But it addresses one of the key problems in the workplace:  people rarely serve each other.

People are great at serving themselves.  Most people wouldn't so much mind work itself if the people situation was better, if people would truly serve one another.

Rather than neglecting to give credit to a team member or rather than misconstruing the facts just a smidge to make a coworker appear at fault, if people would set self aside and work heartily as unto another, then work would be better for everyone, even them!

People are the focus at Grounded.  If we serve one another, then everyone benefits.  Coworkers help each other and become friends.  People watch out for each other, and customers get a better product.  The work environment becomes a joy rather than a burden, and you can feel it.

Crafting Coffee

No one wants bad coffee, and if someone wanted okay coffee, they'd just brew at home.

People come to shops because they want something better, and that is what we do.

We could easily wax and wane for hours on end over the merits of different grinders and pour-overs, pressure settings and weighed espressos, but rather than that tedious monologue, we'll leave you with this:

Each day we serve you the best coffee we know using the best methods we know, and even though the coffees and methods will change, improving and evolving, we will continue to deliver our best as long as we serve coffee.

The Coffee

The coffee inside of the Support Bag is our House Blend. This blend has been with us since the beginning and has been a staple in most of our partners cafe's. It is a blend of coffees from Guatemala and Colombia. We could consider this a medium roast and is a nice chocolate/caramel/cherry cup. This coffee is versatile. You can pull a shot, make an ol' fashioned pot, or slowly pour water over a bed of grounds in a beautiful chemex/v60/kalita. Enjoy!