Fido Motors Cafe Support Bag

Fido Motors Cafe Support Bag

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Help Fido Motors Cafe by purchasing a bag of coffee that will directly help fund their cafe. 50% of the purchase price will go directly to Fido Motors cafe. 

All Coffee comes whole bean. We are no longer able to accept grinding requests. 

* Bio From Fido Motors Cafe

Fido Motors Cafe is located in the front of a historic Foundry building in Kalamazoo, MI that is now home to Fido Motors. Fido strives for handcrafted quality and creativity in everything that they make, whether it be electric scooters or coffee. The cafe is a celebration of our passions for both. A place where you can enjoy a coffee while watching scooters be hand built in the warehouse.

The Coffee

The coffee inside of the Support Bag is our House Blend. This blend has been with us since the beginning and has been a staple in most of our partners cafe's. It is a blend of coffees from Guatemala and Colombia. We could consider this a medium roast and is a nice chocolate/caramel/cherry cup. This coffee is versatile. You can pull a shot, make an ol' fashioned pot, or slowly pour water over a bed of grounds in a beautiful chemex/v60/kalita. Enjoy!