Ethiopia Tega & Tula

Ethiopia Tega & Tula

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This is a fun and special coffee offering. Tega and Tula are the names of two villages located near the farm. The farm is situated at a high elevation, and is growing varietals of coffee that were released in the late 1970s, that aren't typical for this country. The other varietals on this farm are Wild Keffa Forest coffees, due to the fact the farm is located next to the Keffa bio-reserve. The bio-reserve is known to be the birthplace of coffee.

It's no secret that we love coffees from Ethiopia. Much like our Colombia offerings, we try very hard to always have a coffee from Ethiopia available. Sometimes the harvest schedules can be tricky, but we have been successful for the past 2 years.

Tega & Tula is complex and sweet, just like you want it to be. It has beautiful aromatics of jasmine and rose. The body is sweet and creamy which works perfectly with the citric acidity.

Region: Tega and Tula villages, Bonga, Gibo Keffa
Farm: Tega & Tula Specialty Coffee Farm
Varietal: Wild Keffa forest coffee, 74110, 74112, 74140, 75227, 7454, 74165
Altitude1693–1860 MASL
Processing Method: Washed


Tega & Tula Specialty Coffee Farm is named after the two nearby villages of Tega and Tula, found in the woreda, or district, of Gibo, in Keffa, Ethiopia. The farm is 500 hectares in size, with nearly 400 hectares planted in coffee, primarily Ethiopian varieties and cultivars that were released in the late 1970s (74110 and 74112, for example, are the "names" of two of these cultivars from 1978), as well as some wild coffee from the Keffa forests, as the farm is in the Keffa bio-reserve area. The farm is certified organic and produces both Washed and Natural coffees.

Ethiopia Tega & Tula