EDGE Support Coffee

EDGE Support Coffee

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Help EDGE by purchasing a bag of coffee that will directly help fund their business. 50% of the purchase price will go directly to EDGE.

All Coffee comes whole bean. We are no longer able to accept grinding requests. 

Bio from EDGE

Established in 2015, EDGE was forged with the purpose to give the best quality and community that any salon could give. I honestly never thought that I wanted to become a business owner but the opportunity was screaming to loud for me to
Ignore. Trained by expert’s in barbering and cosmetology, I Had countless knowledge to take my career to the next level.

The opportunity started in the welcoming arms of the sola salon suites in Birmingham Michigan, where my business still resides today. Taking the leap to start has brought many outstanding success and stresses. Now Sponsored by sola salons, Becoming a 2018 face of sola, and now a national educator for John Paul Mitchell systems, the message was made clear that I had made the right Choice. There have been many challenges along the way but never quite one like we are in currently. My dedication to my guests will always continue to grow. I feel as if I have made a large extended family with Them instead of just customers. They mean so much to me.

My decision to close my doors to keep their health and safety is my number one priority in all of this. Covid 19 will not be the death sentence to my business, yet the example that our community is there to keep you safe and healthy. We can all over come this. My doors will re-open, I will see you again, and I will continue to make more progress for years to come with EDGE. Money comes, money goes, but i will never put a single life in jeopardy to create financial gain. Only true progress to create a humble success is what EDGE was forged for. Give me progress, or give me death. Every day is a new opportunity to thrive. My guests will always be my number one concern. Thank you for your support.

The Coffee

The coffee inside of the Support Bag is our House Blend. This blend has been with us since the beginning and has been a staple in most of our partners cafe's. It is a blend of coffees from Guatemala and Colombia. We could consider this a medium roast and is a nice chocolate/caramel/cherry cup. This coffee is versatile. You can pull a shot, make an ol' fashioned pot, or slowly pour water over a bed of grounds in a beautiful chemex/v60/kalita. Enjoy!