Typo Contest

Back Story
When designing our new packaging, we went through many iterations of different concepts, colors, and wording, until we landed on what we have today. Then we started to really tweak the details. Going through the images, and colors and getting them just right. While trying to think of a way to get more attention with the release we thought we would try something different. Something that has never been done.

"What if we left one word misspelled, and on the entire first run of packaging, except for one bag. And whoever received, the bag with the correct spelling would be the lucky recipient of free coffee for a year?" 

The Deal
Buy a bag of 333g coffee to read the back of the bag. Look for the typo. If you think you have found the magical Typo Golden Ticket, take a picture of it, post a picture of it on Instagram using the hashtag #typocontest, and be sure to tag us in it as well!

The Reward
The Lucky winner will receive 1, 333g bag of coffee, of their choosing, every month for one year!