Below are our recommended brewing parameters for v60, Chemex, and Aeropress. Use these as a starting point but ultimately make sure to have fun and make your own recipes. 


25g Freshly Ground Coffee

350g H20

Bloom with 35g Water at 204 degrees for 45 seconds

Pour the remaining 315g Water for 1 min

Draw time should be 45 seconds

Total Brew Time - 2:30


40g Fresh Ground Coffee

550g H20

Bloom with 40g Water at 204 degrees for 50 seconds

Pour remaining 500g Water for 2 minutes

Draw time should be 1 minute

Total Brew Time - 3:50

Aeropress - Inverted

15g Fresh Ground Coffee

210g H20

Place coffee in chamber and add 75g Water in 10 seconds - Stir for 10 seconds

Add 45g Water to Decanter

Pour 90g Water in Chamber in 10 seconds - Stir for 10 seconds

Steep for 40 seconds

Plunge for 30 seconds into decanter with the 45g Water

Total Brew Time - 1:50