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Costa Rica | Las Lajas Honey

Single Origin

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If you're familiar with coffee from Costa Rica, you've likely heard of the Las Lajas Micromill before. Oscar and Francisca Chacón are early pioneers of Natural and Honey Processed coffee in Costa Rica. Formerly processing their coffee at cooperatives, they chose to develop their own mill on their property in order to have even more control over the quality of their coffee. 
Honey processed coffees are depulped before being dried, unwashed, on raised beds and turned periodically. 
  • Region: Alajuela, Central Valley
  • Producer: Oscar and Fancisca Chacón
  • Farm: Alajuela
  • Varietal: Caturra, Catuai
  • Altitude:1450-1600 MASL
  • Processing Method: Honey


Necessity bred more innovation for the family when an earthquake in 2008 wiped out electricity and water to their area during the harvest. Unable to run the depulpers or to wash the mucilage off to produce Washed lots, Francisca took inspiration from her knowledge of African coffee production and quickly built raised beds on the property.

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