Flight Of Fancy 2019 (Ships 2/4–2/7)

Flight Of Fancy 2019 (Ships 2/4–2/7)

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This year's grand prize is an Origin Trip to Guatemala with us and the Onyx Green coffee team!

The rules

Your task is to correctly match the 4 airplane cut-outs with the 4 corresponding  mystery coffees on your map of 8 origin possibilities. Smell. Taste. Cup. Sip. Rely on your senses and knowledge to find the correct answers. 

Winning Flight of Fancy is a two-step process.

  1. Place the corresponding mystery coffee planes on the large circles of the origins you believe they have come from. Take a picture of the map with all of your guesses on it. Send an email of the picture to fancy@populacecoffee.com at the submission time. Step one is done.

  2.  Next, you must also post a photo on Instagram, tagging @PopulaceCoffee and using the hashtag #☕️FOF2019 in the caption. You can post this on Instagram before or after completing step one. Please keep in mind the time-stamp of your email will be considered the official time of your submission. But remember, without an Instagram post with the proper tags, your entry will not be counted.

Other prizes include:

  • Baratza Sette 270 + Acaia Lunar Scale
  • Department of Brewology Bloom Series Prints
  • Fellow Stagg EKG and 3 Atmos Vacuum Canisters
  • Kruve Sifter 12
  • 5 Ebb Coffee Filters
  • Handground Coffee Grinder