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Sulawesi Pango Pango 10.5oz Bag Added!

Ethiopia | Kayon Mountain Natural

Single Origin

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Ismael Hassen Aredo's 500 hectare farm located in the Shakiso district of Ethiopia has been family owned and operated for over a decade. Kayon Mountain Farm is known for offering competitive wages and transportation services to its employees as well as financial contributions to the community for education.

This is a natural processed coffee. Natural processing is when the coffee cherry is dried before the beans are removed. This style of coffee is often a favorite amongst those who seek a very modern, sweet, and fruit-forward coffee. Due to the increased contact time, many of the enticing flavors from the cherry are imparted onto the beans themselves and remain present through the roasting and brewing processes.

This Grade-1 coffee has a lot of brightness with a lovely balance of sweet and tart. The cup is light, tangy, and smooth.

  • Region: Shakiso, East Guji, Oromia
  • Producer: Ismael Hassen Aredo
  • Farm: Kayon Mountain Farm
  • Varietal: 74110, 74112
  • Altitude: 1800-2200 MASL
  • Processing Method: Natural


Kayon Mountain farm has a nursery on-site and utilizes shade (acacia and other indigenous trees) to protect the coffee as well as for creating compost to fertilize naturally. Ismael is meticulous about not only the structure and management of the farm itself but also the harvesting and processing. Both Natural and Washed lots are produced on the property.

Natural coffees are picked, rinsed and sorted, and moved to the drying beds. In both cases, the drying can take between 12–20 days, also depending on the weather.

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