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{Branded New} Zero King | Aviator Jacket (XL)

This product is SOLD OUT.

This unique aviator jacket comes with a 100% leather collar, and a heavy gauge zipper. The Zero King brand was part of the B.W. Harris Manufacturing Co. legacy. A Saint Paul Minneapolis based men's coat manufacturer, its Zero King line was established in 1917. This particular coat dates to somewhere in the 70s, we're guessing, by the looks of the "Made In Republic of Korea" tag on the inside with the material construction breakdown. 

The aviator styles well as an outer shell with a few additional layers underneath for warmth. Worn baggy, or filled in, this coat is really neat, and a one of a kind Populace piece. 

This one does seem to run a little small for an XL. While still a bit baggy on someone who might wear a Large, the Aviator seems just a shade small for an XL. Keep in mind this thing was made in the 70s.

Branded new

This piece is part of our Branded New collection. A one a kind piece that was rescued from a thrift store and embroidered. This helps us create more unique pieces for our customers as well cutting down on our need to purchase new textiles for branded merchandise. Helping cut down on the impact new textiles have on water usage to grow cotton by using pieces we find to be clean, and reusable for sale. 

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