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Why the F&©% Did I Start a Business? | Electric Kitsch

POSTED. Nov 5, 2020

?TF: Why did you want to start a business?
Jessic McQuarter of Electric Kitsch (EK): Jordan worked as a guitar technician at a music shop in Mt. Pleasant, which allowed him the freedom to tour a lot with his band, but he dreamed of something more. He wanted to create a community space, sharing his love for making and listening to music. I (Jessica) worked for a major corporation going through multiple mergers and bankruptcies, and was feeling more and more like a number rather than an individual. I pushed Jordan to venture out on his own. He had the talent, we had the strong partnership. We sat down together and wrote a business plan. I continued to work my full time corporate job for about 3 years after we opened, while Jordan operated the store full time.

?TF: What is your favorite part about running this business?
EK: Being your own boss is the American Dream, right? We set our hours, we make the rules, we stock what we want to share with the community and try to provide their needs and wants. Buying music media online isn't much fun. It's a physical thing, not a download. We want you to see the media, touch it, listen to it, talk about it, we want you to educate us and we want to share what we know with you. This is the unique space we've created for that, and we love the people we have met doing this.

?TF: From 'no contact' delivery to Zoom hangouts - how are you staying connected with your community?
EK: We're in a lucky position to live, work, and have the post office all within a block. We're offering no contact pick up as well as shipping. Social media is keeping us connected to our customers. We have Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and a Discogs page.

?TF: What is your current outlook on the state of your business?
EK: It is lonely. Social media is helping us feel the community love and keeping us in conversations about our shared interests. We are listing and selling items, so we're taking in some money. We're certainly grateful for the Populace Coffee partnership to help us survive monetarily and putting our name out there. It's an especially emotional time because the third Saturday in April, (4/18/20) would be International Record Store Day. It is normally our most hectic, exciting, and rewarding business day of the year. It has been moved to June, so we're still looking forward to it. So *sigh, we're doing okay. We're healthy and keeping a routine.

?TF: Have you been able to stay engaged with your staff?
EK: We do not have any employees, just the two of us. Our amp and electronics technician moved into the space next to us at the tail end of last year. We only see him about once a week now, but we stay in contact and he is still repairing things while he spends more time with his family.