My name is Luke Goodrow, the newest employee at Populace Coffee. We figured I should explain what I do here.

Recently some friends and I helped Populace with a video project, and I was told they were looking to hire someone for a roasting position. As soon as I could, I sent in my resume and got an interview. Magically, I was hired on the spot, but not for the roasting position. Somehow, I was able to make an impression with my video work, and now I am the "Digital Media Manager" for the company. That's a super fancy way of saying, "Hey, take pictures and make some fun videos for a living." I couldn't be more excited, considering I just graduated college with a degree that I was told would be difficult to find work with.

My main focus is to educate people about our brand, and craft coffee in general. We have been having a blast making videos, like these here. Not only are the things I'm working on (hopefully) entertaining, but also educational. I know that in the short time I have been here, my knowledge of coffee has grown immensely, and I still have so much to learn. We are trying our hardest to give insight into the making of our coffee, along with what makes us unique in the specialty coffee market.

The hope I have is that anyone who sees the work we are doing enjoys it and learns a bit more about what makes Populace Coffee awesome! Expect plenty of new videos from us over the coming months!


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