October 23, 2014

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Flight of Fancy

Thank you to all who participated in this contest and for those that cheered along from the sidelines. We are extremely grateful and hope everyone had as much fun doing this as we did organizing it. 


The big question is, "Who won the Mahlkonig EK43?" but I would like to take a step back for a second and reflect on what just happened and why we did it. 


This was one of those contests, ideas, goals, that transpired very quickly without much planning. We were sitting down in a brainstorming session, as we do regularly, and it just came up. We immediately called Mahlkonig, emailed La Marzocco and Sprudge. Our designer, Luke, sat down at the computer and got to work. For about a week we fully immersed ourselves in all things fancy: grinders, coffees, designs, legal stuffs, pizza, and beer. 


After we gathered everything up we sat down and discussed the rules. We knew that all of our coffee friends and community would adhere and so far everyone has. No cheaters! No scams! Everything was nice and clean. 


Once we launched the idea out into the inter webs we received an overwhelming response of support and excitement. We kind of thought that would be the case because who wouldn't want a chance to win the coolest grinder around for a cost of $30? At the very least they would still have the coffee. 


We opened up the contest on a Monday and the amount of individuals, roasters, and coffee shops that immediately signed up justified to us that we had a good idea. We have had the opportunity to make some new friends through this contest and share our coffees with a majority of people who have never tasted our work. What transpired next was so unbelievable that we had to take a step back to reflect. 


After we shipped the coffees and photos began rolling in all over the country we started to realize the love we have for the connection that coffee has on all of us. Not just those that work in the industry but even the casual customer. Sometimes as a roaster it is easy to forget the impact that our coffees have on people, everyday. We are constantly focused on roasting, cupping, adjusting, roasting, cupping, training, pricing fluctuations, contracts, shipping delays, etc. It can be easy to get lost in all of that. Those are necessities but it is important to remember what our purpose is here. Our purpose is to take a bean, apply heat and air, carefully package it, and lovingly send it on its way to be enjoyed by an individual. This contest helped to remind us about the love we have for coffee and the love we have for the industry. 


There were hundreds of people tasting the Flight of Fancy, all with the same purpose, goal and excitement. From all corners of the country, for a couple of days, you were all setting up Cuppings in your houses, backyards, kitchens, garages, coffee shops, roasting facilities, and even in a bedroom. That is what excited us the most. The fact that people all over the country were CUPPING coffees, analyzing them and were doing it for fun! Yes, there was an awesome prize at stake but that fact is the most amazing thing to come out of this contest. 


During our submission window we had only 2 submissions with the correct answers. Per the rules of the contest the winner was determined by getting their correct answers in FIRST. Our 2nd place winner wasn't too far behind from the 1st place but nonetheless we had to go with who got it in first. Our 3rd place prize was determined by someone who got coffees 1-3 identified correctly but missed on number 4. 


Here are the identities of the four coffees in the Flight of Fancy:


Coffee 1 - Ethiopia Konga

Coffee 2 - Kenya Kiruga

Coffee 3 - Costa Rica La Falda

Coffee 4 - Guatemala La Bolsa


Our first place prize winner is Austin Amento from Augie's Coffee

Our second place prize winner is Will Pratt from Tandem Coffee

Our third place prize winner is Karley Webb


We are so happy for all of them and for all of you. As a token of our appreciation we are offering a special discount through the weekend. It is available to anyone.

Use the code: FANCY PANTS at checkout and get 15% off any order from our current offerings page. 

We are also launching our pre-order for the Coffee and Beer Hoodie.  



My name is Luke Goodrow, the newest employee at Populace Coffee. We figured I should explain what I do here.

Recently some friends and I helped Populace with a video project, and I was told they were looking to hire someone for a roasting position. As soon as I could, I sent in my resume and got an interview. Magically, I was hired on the spot, but not for the roasting position. Somehow, I was able to make an impression with my video work, and now I am the "Digital Media Manager" for the company. That's a super fancy way of saying, "Hey, take pictures and make some fun videos for a living." I couldn't be more excited, considering I just graduated college with a degree that I was told would be difficult to find work with.

My main focus is to educate people about our brand, and craft coffee in general. We have been having a blast making videos, like these here. Not only are the things I'm working on (hopefully) entertaining, but also educational. I know that in the short time I have been here, my knowledge of coffee has grown immensely, and I still have so much to learn. We are trying our hardest to give insight into the making of our coffee, along with what makes us unique in the specialty coffee market.

The hope I have is that anyone who sees the work we are doing enjoys it and learns a bit more about what makes Populace Coffee awesome! Expect plenty of new videos from us over the coming months!


May 19, 2014

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Costa Rica Launch

We are extremely excited for the launch of this coffee. It's been a long time since we have had a Single Origin offering from Costa. 

We know you will enjoy it as much as we have. 


The Costa’s Cafe Imports is carrying are all sourced directly from micro-mills and producers were paid at the Farm Gate level.  They managed local transportation, dry-milling, consolidation, and exportation of the coffees.  This experience is extremely valuable as it gives them a better understanding of what it takes to get coffee from cherry to export quality in GrainPro and Yute with its corresponding marks.

Rio Jorco’s operations area is in the municipalities of: Aserri, Acosta, Leon Cortez, Frailes, Desamparados, and Corralillo.  These micro-regions of Tarrazu have won multiple Cup of Excellence awards year after year.

New To Coffee Video Series

Today, right now, we are releasing the first episode of a new video series called "New To Coffee".

The premise behind this series is for various people with limited coffee knowledge to try their hand at making a cup of coffee. This is a fun, creative way for us to inform people on the proper brewing parameters we want them to use.

We're also showing how intimidating the brewing process can be, especially if you are new to coffee. Our hope is that we can learn from these "New To Coffee" people, on how to make the process less intimidating.

New To Coffee Episode 1 from Populace Coffee on Vimeo.

Expect more episodes of "New To Coffee", along with other videos series beginning soon!