Colombia Aracelly Vitonco

We love Colombia. It is one of our favorite regions to roast and drink. This is an exceptional offering from an exceptional producer. This is a great coffee for cold morning with wonderfully spicy and floral aromatics and creamy caramel flavors. You won't be disappointed. Trust us.

Region: Jambalo, Cauca
Producer: Aracelly Vitonco
Farm: El Cedra, Finca Voladero
Varietal: Castillo and Caturra
Altitude: 1892 MASL
Processing Method: Washed - 16 hour fermentation - Parabolic Dried


This is a Cauca Best Cup 2016 competition microlot. Aracelly Vitonca lives on her 2 hectare farm in the township of Voladera, located in Cauca's Jambalo municipality. For this offering, she harvested fully ripe cherries from her 10,000 Castillo and Caturra trees, depupled, fermented for 16 hours, washed, then placed the coffee in her parabolic dryer to finish the process.